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Funxim Wireless  Pro

The World’s First True Wireless Charger


The only true wireless charger on the market. Unlike any other wireless charger, the Funxim Wireless Pro can be easily installed under a table or any other surfaces for a genuine wire-free charging solution. Never will you need to see a single charging cable again. Out of sight, out of mind. 

A Truly Wireless Experience

No Permanent Alterations

There have been videos online of people making their own invisible wireless charger online. However, they end up having to making permanent alterations to their furniture by taking multiple measurements, using numerous tools, drilling, or sawing holes under the table. A process that we feel is way too complicated and time-consuming. With Funxim, you only need to peel, stick, and plug.

Stylish & Practical

With the majority of the wireless charger hidden, the only thing in sight is the thin Funxim sticker pad. It’s minimalistic, polished, and waterproof. Not only does it look great, it can also withstand any liquid, whether it’s water, coffee, or soda, that may come in contact with your table.

Compatible with All Smartphones

Doesn’t matter if you’re team iPhone or android, as long as your smartphone is Qi compatible, you’ll be team Funxim! The Funxim Wireless Pro can charge any smartphone with Qi capabilities. Just place it on the table and let Funxim take care of the rest.

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